Azercosmos holds an art competition among students

Azercosmos held a painting competition among the undergraduate and graduate students of State Academy of Art and University of Architecture and Construction with the theme of space art. The competition encompassed abstract paintings, illustrations and graphic designs depicting space in relation with the world contemporary art as well as traditional Azerbaijani art and cultural heritage.

The interest and participation was high for the competition with diverse paintings and stylistic paths on space art. The paintings reflected wide-ranging ideas associated with outer space and modern space flight technology visualizing space exploration and appreciating the infinite vastness space offers. Inspiration by the classic Azerbaijani art of different genres, especially the themes of galaxy and galactic elements historically referred to in those works were also noticeable in the elaborate allusions underlying the central concept behind the paintings.

The selected paintings at the completion which have been put to display on the corridor walls of the office of Azercosmos, include a variety of vibrant space art paintings entitled Network of Galaxy, Knits of Galaxy, Value of Science, Space Vision, Galaxy rising from the Dawn, Ascent, etc.

The main purpose of Azercosmos holding a painting competition among the students on space art was to contribute to the enhancement of artistic skills of the talented students interested in space art as well as raise awareness among the youth about the space studies in relation with humanities and cultural expression.