Azersky User Group Project in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova

Call for Project

Azercosmos, the satellite operator of the Republic of Azerbaijan, is pleased to announce the Azersky User Group Project in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova. Participation in the project is free of charge.

The purpose of the Azersky User Group Project is to offer opportunities to assess the utility of Azersky/SPOT6 Earth observation satellite imagery for applications and to provide a platform for the users to exchange their feedback about the uses and performances of Azersky/SPOT6.

Azercosmos will provide Azersky/SPOT6 satellite imagery free of charge for the selected project(s) in accordance with participants’ requests by September 20, 2017. In return, selected participants will undertake to communicate the results of their project(s) to Azercosmos and all members of the Azersky User Group within 6 (six) months after getting Azersky/SPOT6 satellite imagery, before March 20, 2018.


1. Scientific research institutes, universities, as well as any legal entity engaged in scientific research and registered in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan or Moldova;

2. Professors, students, researchers or any natural person engaged in scientific research, who are legal age citizens of Georgia, Kyrgyzstan or Moldova (or under legal age with the authorization of their parents or guardian) are eligible to submit their projects.

Submission Process

Send filled in submission form  to  email address before 30 September, 2017. Participants are strongly encouraged to contact Azercosmos office via below contacts to get feedback on their submission and ensure that their documents are complete.

Selection Process

The project(s) will be evaluated by Azercosmos based on the following criteria:

1. Creative use Azersky/SPOT6 satellite imagery and possibility of implementation

2. Scientific importance

3. Innovativeness

Download terms of participation here.



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