Value Added Services

Data Conversion (GeoTIFF to NITF, IMG, JPEG)

Digital Image Processing is one of our core technology offerings.We render services that design and develop special purpose image processing algorithms, thus improving quality and enhancing the utilization of imagery for a wide range of clients.We also offer innovative techniques and processes to obtain needed information from imagery as well as the development and integration of image processing algorithms with software into a user’s work  environment. With the integration of various GIS, RS and CAD technologies, we provide premium image processing services:

1. Orthorectification (high accuracy terrain corrected imagery)
2. DEM
3. Mosaicking and Radiometric Balancing
4. Image Change Detection

Additional image processing services

Data Conversion (GeoTiFF, IMG, JPEG)

Orthorectification (high accuracy terrain corrected imagery)

– Georeferenced image in Earth geometry, corrected from off- nadir acquisition and terrain effects
– Optimal for simple and direct use of the image and for immediate ingestion into Geographic Information System
– Standard reference layer used for orthorectification in our automated processing chain.




DEM provides a reliable and precise reference layer to enhance a wide range of applications.
-Unique quality superior elevation information anywhere on Earth
-Unrivalled accuracy 2m (relative) /4m (absolute) vertical accuracy in a 12mx12m raster
-Digital Surface Models and Terrain Models available
-Easy access


Mosaicking and Radiometric Balancing

When different precisions are needed, we can also provide custom orthorectification, with any other elevation model or GCPs you provide for the purpose. The Tailored Ortho Product can also be requested in case of creation of a mosaic of images. Each Tailored Ortho Product is submitted to a feasibility study and specific delivery time frames.



Image Change Detection

Monitoring and quantifying changes over time, using temporal sequence of imagery over large regions, along pipeline/transmission corridors or within cities.