Full Time Capacity Lease

We provide satellite capacity on a 24x7 basis for an extended period of time. This service would be useful for the customers who intend to lease capacity for a period more than one year.

Flexible Capacity Lease

This service is available for the customers who intend to lease satellite capacity for at least one month.

Occasional Use

This service is tailored to meet requests on capacity lease for a limited period (hour, week e.g.), and would be useful for the customers who periodically use satellite capacity.


With the Azerspace-1 satellite, our customers are able to deliver their broadcast content (TV and Radio) to Europe, Africa, Middle East and Central Asia.

Broadcasters can lease capacity on our satellite for the purposes of (but not limited to):

  • Direct to Home (DTH) Broadcasting
  • High Definition TV (HDTV) Broadcasting
  • Satellite News Gathering (SNG)


Our teleport is located in Baku, Azerbaijan. It resources and capabilities allow to receive signal via intermediary satellites, metronet and fiber. We can deliver your channel to Europe, Middle East and Central Asia in Ku-band, and Africa in C-band.

We are capable to provide following value-added services from our teleport:

  • Uplink Services
  • Turnaround Services
  • Satellite Content Acquisition
  • Video Distribution
  • Video Contribution
  • VNO (Virtual Network Operator)
  • Internet Connectivity

Additionally, in order to save costs on delivery of signal to the teleport, we can offer you the services of our partner teleport located in Europe. If you need consultancy on technical solution of your teleport, our technical support is ready to assist you.

We can advise you on the dimensions of an up-link antenna as well as other necessary equipment.


The resources of our satellite can be used in the following spheres:

  • Fixed and Mobile solutions
  • Aviation
  • Maritime
  • Government

We provide satellite capacity on full time and occasional use basis for such applications as:

  • Mobile Backhaul
  • SCPC Data Links
  • VSAT Networks
  • Maritime Telephony and Data Services
  • Trunking