Satellite Imagery


Unique Accessibility

  • 1.5-m.-resolution natural-color products, standard orthorectified.
  • 1.5m high resolution products with four spectral bands (/R/G/B/NIR).

Ultimate Reactivity

  • Multi-year coverage of each country territory
  • Daily revisits to any point on the globe
  • Ability to accommodate last-minute tasking requests within very short period
  • Daily acquisition capacity of 6 million km².

Archive images

There is an access to the world’s largest satellite imagery catalogues and customers can be provided by archive images from such catalogues.

  • SPOT6/Azersky
  • SPOT 1-5
  • Pléiades 1A və 1B
  • TerraSAR-X və TanDEM-X

Primary products

  • Panchromatic
  • Multispectral
  • Pansharpened
  • Stereo and Tristereo
  • Stereo və Tristereo təsvirlər

Other product and services

  • Orthorectification
  • Tailored Orthorectification
  • DEM
  • Mosaicking and Radiometric Balancing
  • Image Change Detection
  • Data Format (GeoTIFF to NITF, IMG, JPEG) and Projection (Geographic, Gauss Kruger, UTM, TM) Conversion