Corporate Responsibility

Our CSR objectives are built around the ambition of encouraging the development of highly skilled talent in the space field, driving the innovative space ecosystem, aiding leadership, teamwork, and creativity among the youth, and increasing the welfare of our community.


Our educational projects aim to popularize everything-space among the youth and facilitate the spreading of knowledge, skills, and practices for the independent implementation of space-related projects. Being one of our priorities, education goes in line with our vision of establishing Azerbaijan as one of the driving forces of the global space industry, as it is one of key ingredients in nurturing the next generation of talent in the space industry.


Challenging the status quo and continuously optimizing our solutions, whilst also being flexible and embracing the natural course of change, we are aiding the way for better transfer of technological and space-related knowledge and skills among the Azerbaijani youth. Innovative competitions and start-up projects are some of the tools that we use to contribute and make a positive impact on our continuously growing space community.