Science and Education

Our educational projects aim to popularize everything-space among the youth and facilitate the spreading of knowledge, skills, and practices for the independent implementation of space-related projects. Being one of our priorities, education goes in line with our vision of establishing Azerbaijan as one of the driving forces of the global space industry, as it is one of key ingredients in nurturing the next generation of talent in the space industry.


Educating and enlightening the youth in the field of space has always been one of our main priorities. We are continuously organizing series of webinars, seminars, and other online events around space-related topics. Within the framework of these events, our experts held online lectures for students on various topics ranging from orbits and satellites to AI, robotics and Big Data.

Excursions for students

To raise awareness about space development in Azerbaijan and encourage the youth to learn, we frequently organize interactive excursions for schoolchildren, as well as undergraduate and graduate students. We take them to our Main Satellite Ground Control Station and educate the participants on the history of Azercosmos, the development of the space industry in Azerbaijan, the manufacturing, launch and maintenance of our satellites. They also get a chance to see how satellites are managed and operated in real-life. If you are interested in joining our excursions, please contact Ms. Fidan Behbudova at or +994125650055 (ext. 216).