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Dunay Badirkhanov

Dunay Badirkhanov


Dunay Badirkhanov was appointed as the Vice-Chairman of Azercosmos, Space Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2018.


He joined Azercosmos in 2011 as a member of core team to receive international trainings in satellite engineering and operations in order to get prepared for the launch and operations of the first satellite of Azerbaijan – Azerspace-1.


As a Satellite Operations Manager since 2013 he coordinated the development of the concept of operations, in order to support satellite telecommunications services. In 2014 Mr. Badirkhanov participated in the development of earth observation infrastructure of Azercosmos in scope of the launch of Azersky – the second satellite of Azercosmos.


Since 2016, as a Director of Satellite and Ground-based Systems Department, he managed the process of preparation for the launch of Azerspace-2 satellite, which took place in 2018.


Mr. Badirkhanov actively participates in activities of International Astronautical Federation since 2019. He is International Program Committee Co-chair for 74th International Astronautical Congress.


Mr. Badirkhanov received an MSc degree in Mechanics from St. Petersburg University in 2009.

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