By enhancing membership and representation in various international and regional organizations, we aim to embrace and promote global cooperation and coordination in space affairs.


We put an emphasis on the cooperation with international stakeholders and partners to ensure the establishment and strengthening of collaborative ties in the space industry.

European Telecommunications Satellite Organization

INTERSPUTNIK International Organization of Space Communications

United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

International Telecommunications Satellite Organization

Partnership and Cooperation

Over the past years, we have established close collaborative ties with space organizations and space agencies of various countries, aiming to ensure coordinated international cooperation in the sphere of space.

International Astronautical Federation

ESOA - EMEA Satellite Operators Association

World Teleport Association

International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing


We are a party to several international agreements that set the regulatory framework for our involvement in various space-related projects.

IAC 2023


In 2019, Baku was selected as the proud host of one of the world’s most prestigious and unique events – the International Astronautical Congress(IAC).With utmost confidence and strong determination, we will welcome the global space community to Baku in 2023 and deliver the participants an exceptional experience.During the IAC, for the first time in history, Azerbaijan will bring together more than six thousand representatives of the space industry.

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