Aerospace and Robotics

The activities of our Aerospace and Robotics group are carried out in two main directions - design of small launchers and unmanned aerial vehicles, contributing to the development of the high technologies in Azerbaijan.

Design of small launchers

Our team has developed a device and a mechanism with no explosive and flammable components ensuring stable flight and ejection of a payload. In addition, the delay time required to separate the payload from the device can be adjusted by software without mechanical impact.

Design of UAVs

UAV is a fully functional automatic aircraft designed to carry out various operations. The vehicle designed by our team is equipped with a high performance computer and cutting-edge technology to enable unmanned control. The UAV captures highly reliable data, analyzing it instantly. It also carries out live processing and performs on-board control to ensure steady flight.

KHAMSA Ground Control Station

KHAMSA is a ground control station software created for the commanding and monitoring of the UAV developed by our R&D team. It shows the current location of the vehicle with the ability of live streaming from the onboard camera. Via this software, the users are able to send live commands to the UAV and observe the route starting from the launch stage.

UAV Charge Station

Considering the constant need of an aircraft to create a lifting force at the expense of electricity, there is a high demand for battery replacement. The use of autonomous UAV power supply stations built by our engineers allows to decrease the dependence on batteries and manage human power more efficiently.

Battery Management Device

To achieve balanced charging of the UAVs, our engineers are designing a Battery Management Device in the form of a universal module. It allows to sufficiently accurate voltage measurement for each cell, increase the battery life, and apply direct autonomous charging.