Artificial Intelligence

Modern technologies allow companies and agencies to make quick and precise decisions. We are focused on the automation of image processing and data acquisition. Today, our company carries out research to apply the latest technologies, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI), neural networks, and machine learning for satellite image processing, object identification, and the detection of changes.

Greenhouse detection

This project was implemented using the state-of-the-art segmentation algorithms from the Deep Learning literature along with a wide range of sophisticated image processing techniques. Based on the raw image files, the model generates the segmentation map wherein the greenhouses are identified and localized with the accuracy of over 93%.

Terranet Platform

Developed by our experts at the R&D Centre, the Terranet platform allows users to identify objects in satellite imagery by uploading images to the system and exporting data. Future plans in this direction include the application of AI in the detection of ships, aircrafts, crop fields, and real-time dynamic of moving objects.