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We aim to cultivate skilled talent, drive space innovation, and foster leadership among youth for community welfare. Aligned with our vision for Azerbaijan in the global space industry, we prioritise popularising space concepts and imparting skills for independent projects.



CanSat Azerbaijan model satellite competition, organised among university students, aims to raise awareness about the space industry and nurture talented specialists by improving their knowledge and skills. Through the tasks performed within the competition, students acquire theoretical knowledge in engineering fields, such as electronics, mechanics and programming, and apply what they learn in practice. Contestants are required to develop a small satellite model, which descends after being released from a determined height and performs its assigned mission.



The main purpose of the Earth Observation competition organised by our committed team since 2016 is to promote scientific activities, support socio-economic development in our country, and showcase the potential application of Earth Observation services and solutions in various fields. Anyone engaged in scientific research and above the age of 18 has the opportunity to participate in the competition, and there are no specific requirements regarding the field of work or experience of the participants.

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We closely cooperate with Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) as part of our dedication to engaging the youth in space-related activities. With a focus on integrating young students into the global industry, SGAC offers different activities, mentorship and scholarship programmes, opportunities to attend events held both overseas and in Azerbaijan. By participating at various events and info sessions we organise with SGAC, you can learn about all these opportunities and leverage your education and talent within the space industry while connecting with your peers from all around the world.



First organised in 2000, World Space Week (WSW) is held on 4-10 October each year as declared by the General Assembly of the UN. Organised synchronically all around the world by space agencies and other stakeholders, WSW reflects the importance of further developments within the global space industry for the benefit of the humankind. In 2022, we became the national coordinator of WSW events in Azerbaijan and actively participated in organising about 50 online and offline events so far within the assigned themes to encourage, educate and develop the innovative space ecosystem among intended audiences.



ActInSpace is an international innovation contest aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship and start-up creation in the space industry, as well as promoting the use of space tech and data. ActInSpace Azerbaijan is aimed at students, researchers, developers and anyone with an expressed interest towards the field and readiness to take on the challenges prepared by the organizers.



NASA Space Apps is an international hackathon that occurs over 48 hours in various places around the world, uniting space communities from more than 150 countries. Based on the open data provided by NASA, teams work on creating innovative solutions that would address a wide range of real-world social, economic, environmental and other issues. Held in Azerbaijan for the first time in 2019, the hackathon brought together around 50 teams from various educational institutions, governmental organizations, and private companies.



The main goal of the program is to support the development of innovative start-up projects and products in space-related fields, facilitating their access to the market. Within the framework of the program, start-ups developed by performing important steps towards the development of their products and prototypes, working practically on technical and business concepts.



Educating and enlightening the youth in the field of space has always been one of our main priorities. We continuously organise series of webinars, seminars, and other events around space-related topics. Within the framework of these events, our experts hold online lectures for students on various topics ranging from orbits and satellites to AI, robotics and other topics of interest within the science and space realm.



To raise awareness about space development in Azerbaijan and encourage the youth to learn, we frequently organise interactive excursions for schoolchildren and students. At our Main Satellite Ground Control Station, we guide participants through the history of our organisation, the development of Azerbaijan's space industry, and the processes involved in satellite manufacturing, launch, and maintenance. They also get a chance to see how satellites are managed and operated in real-life. If you are interested in joining our excursions, please contact Ms. Nigar Kazimova at "" or +994 12 310 00 55 (ext. 419).


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