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Baku hosts Space Generation Advisory Council  local event for the first time

Baku hosts Space Generation Advisory Council local event for the first time

"Space Generation Azerbaijan" (SG Azerbaijan) local event under the theme “Women in space: challenges and opportunities” took a place in Baku.

Co-organized by Azercosmos and the Space Generation Advisory Council, the event aims to highlight the importance of STEAM education for women in Azerbaijan, to discuss how the benefits of space can reach women and girls, to ensure they have an equal and active role in the areas of space science, technology, exploration and innovation.

The date of 27th of April had been chosen not coincidentally. Globally, every year on the fourth Thursday in April (this year, the 27th of April) is celebrated International Girls in ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Day.

Students, young experts and scientists, and space enthusiasts, mostly age group of 18-35, participated in sessions about the space science and technology industry, panel discussions and webinars, master classes, and networking.

Representatives of Ministry of Science and Education and Ministry of Digital Development and Transport spoke about the importance of ICT for girls and shared own experience and knowledge within the frames of panel discussions about the empowerment role of women in the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) space area and innovation.

During the master class dedicated to the preparation of the "James Webb" space telescope, the participants also learned new methods and techniques.

Attendees then joined webinars by Lucy Lowe, a scientist at Axiom Space, a US aerospace company, on a theme of the creation and commercialization of space stations, and on gender equality.

At the end of the event, the talented young people of our country - Gandab Mammadova, the winner of the Copernicus Olympiad in physics and astronomy, the "Nexus" team of the Azerbaijan-French University (UFAZ), the winner of the international hackathon "ActInSpace", the founder of the "Zahra kosmosda" platform Zahra Imanova and the engineer of Azerkosmos Rovshana Bahmanli spoke on the topic of "Future Generation Leaders in Space".

In conclusion, an information about the International Astronautical Congress to be held in Baku in October was given to all guests and lucky lottery winners won a ticket to  participate in the congress.


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