Main Satellite Ground Control Station delivering high-quality and secure satellite communication services


We deliver high-quality and secure satellite connectivity, offering video, data, and teleport services and solutions to our partners in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Central and South Asia. We strive to enhance the services provided and enter new markets, keeping customized excellence at the heart of everything we do.

Azerspace-1, part of the satellite fleet of Azercosmos, delivering reliable  satellite broadcast and data services


Our telecommunication satellites Azerspace-1, located at 46 degrees East, and Azerspace-2, located at 45.1 degrees East, provide satellite video & data services to millions of households around the world.

Tools that optimize satellite uplink & downlink services, predicting signal interruption & possible loss in transmission.


Our customer tools give you a chance to calculate the azimuth and elevation of your location in order to point the ground antenna towards the satellite and determine the next Sun outage to predict signal interruption and possible loss in transmission. You can also get acquainted with the complete list of channels broadcast via our satellites.

Antenna showcasing Azconnexus platform's capacity to deliver reliable satellite broadband solutions


Azconnexus platform delivers continuous, secure, and high-quality satellite broadband Internet services to even the most remote areas.

Azercosmos Excellence

At Azercosmos, we are committed to delivering high-quality and secure satellite connectivity to partners around the world. Emphasizing our first-class technical standards, exceptional service and customer-oriented personalisation of the solutions offered, we aim to provide you with outstanding experience and strive to create a better connected and developed world for future generations.