We have secured our position as a trusted partner serving as a gateway to prime satellite connectivity. Broadcasting more than 200 TV and radio channels to households in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Central Asia, we deliver content to a 1/3rd of the globe through a wide range of advanced and efficient video services and solutions.

Turnaround Services

Utilize transmission between the Earth and satellites in space. After processing and optimizing the requested content, our professional team transmits it to the satellite chosen by you, regardless of data size and format, to reach the intended destination area.

Video Contribution

Transport content to an uplink station or a broadcasting studio. Once content is received and processed in the satellite broadcasting centre, it is broadcasted via the satellite and received and transmitted through terrestrial networks.

Video Distribution

Deliver high-quality content in multiple formats to various parts of the world. We offer video distribution solutions for the customers of Direct to Home (DTH), High Definition TV (HDTV), Satellite News Gathering (SNG), as well as other broadcasters distributing content services to intermediaries, such as cable TV network operators in various countries.

Satellite Content Acquisition

Distribute the content regardless of the availability of terrestrial infrastructure. This also guarantees bandwidth and secure transmission of content even to extremely remote locations.

Occasional Use

Access instant capacity lease solutions for events and newsgathering at short notice. With unique facilities and state-of-the-art telecommunication infrastructure, we can help you gain access to secure and reliable transmission links and cover major events, including sports, entertainment or breaking news programs.

Video Over IP

Transmit high-quality digital video content directly to end users. We use internet-based method of transmitting video content from one device to another, where the inputs are deconstructed into different streams and sent over an Internet Protocol (IP) network.

Channel List

The complete list of TV and radio channels aired over the beams of the Azerspace-1 and Azerspace-2 satellites.

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