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Training and Consultancy

We provide a range of training programmes and consulting services designed to support emerging satellite operators in realising success within their chosen service areas, customised to their unique needs and goals.


GIS & Remote Sensing

Our comprehensive training programmes cover a diverse array of topics, ensuring participants acquire essential skills such as geographic data creation and editing, spatial analysis, satellite imagery integration into GIS environments, and remote sensing data interpretation. Whether you're a newcomer or looking to advance your expertise, our programmes provide both a solid foundation and advanced techniques to excel in GIS and remote sensing.


Spectrum Management

We strive to assist emerging satellite operators by providing extensive support on the efficient use of spectrum segment resources, guiding them through all the procedures from the initial step of application to utilising an Earth Station with the aim of helping them achieve success within the specific areas they plan to serve. Our trainings and consultancy services cover a wide range of topics from the fundamentals of spectrum management to interference analysis and mitigation proposals. Using these services, you can gain hands-on experience in the capturing of satellite and earth station filings, ensuring a practical understanding of the regulatory landscape. We also delve into effective communication with the ITU, guiding our clients through the intricacies of the application process and equipping them with the skills needed for sophisticated analysis and decision-making in the dynamic realm of spectrum management.


Strategy Consulting

We provide strategy consulting services tailored to the unique needs of a diverse range of stakeholders including space industry actors, organizations, emerging space agencies, and other relevant entities involved in satellite operations, and space ecosystem development. Strategy Execution and Development: We specialize in developing and executing short-term and long-term strategic planning, performance management tactics, guiding clients through monthly, quarterly and annual tracking methods to monitor progress. Market Entry and Growth Strategy: Drawing from our rich experience in satellite operations and space ecosystem development, we support growth strategies, including country-specific market research, to formulate effective market-entry and expansion strategies. Strategy Policy Design: Specializing in crafting clear and effective policy documents, we provide guidelines and frameworks for decision-making, and implementation of strategic initiatives within space agencies.


Satellite Communications

Our comprehensive training programme specialising in Satellite Communication Systems offers a seamless progression through two essential modules: Basic and Advanced. Participants will delve into the intricacies of satellite technology, applications, and industry trends, gaining a broad understanding of the satellite communications and industry in the basic module. Meanwhile, the advanced module is tailored for technicians and engineers, focusing on complex concepts such as satellite link design, modulation techniques, frequency bands, and emerging trends in satellite communications.


Satellite Control Systems

Designed for professionals seeking expertise in the dynamic field of space technology, this programme integrates three essential modules: Satellite Operations, Satellite Engineering, and Flight Dynamics. Participants will delve into the workings of satellite operations, mastering the principles of orbit control, payload management, and communication protocols. They will gain insights into satellite engineering, understanding design intricacies crucial for reliability and longevity. Additionally, participants will navigate the complexities of flight dynamics, including orbital mechanics, trajectory optimisation, and orbit control systems.


Ground Systems

Training provides comprehensive instruction on the operation and maintenance of satellite communication systems, equipping participants with the skills needed to manage data transmission, tracking, and troubleshooting procedures effectively. The training programme includes modules such as Antenna and tracking subsystem, RF and Baseband system, GEO Satellite Ground Control Operation and LEO Remote Sensing System. As an option, Digital Video Broadcasting may also be included in the training programme.


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