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Remote Sensing & GIS Solutions

We offer a number of solutions applicable in a wide range of areas, including agriculture, cartography, mining, environment, urban planning and monitoring, tourism, defense, security, and others. With our worldwide archive of satellite imagery, we deliver a unique database to our partners and accommodate even the most complex requests.


We equip defence organisations and intelligence bureaus with the necessary data to ensure security, effectively manage critical situations, and timely respond to emerging challenges.


We provide valuable agricultural insights across every region and season, including identification and monitoring of crop areas and pastures, measuring crop health from preseason to harvest, and monitoring relevant vegetation stages of any crop type by identifying crops falling behind the seasonal stag.


Make fully informed decisions about a wide variety of urban development and management projects, from the planning of utilities to the distribution of resources, from solving problems of overcrowding and congestion to monitoring the project implementation process.


Our satellite imagery is a fundamental instrument for the detection of pollution in seas and oceans to prevent threats to the marine ecosystem and the environment as a whole. We also offer ship detection solutions to organise more effective sea navigation and logistics.


With our high-resolution satellite imagery, you can detect and assess environmental processes in specific areas as they happen. Manage your forest health, improve your forest operations, evaluate water resources, identify wildlife corridors for the restoration of regional habitat, analyse desertification and land degradation, and much more.


Planning a new travel route or researching the potential of a landmark to be turned into a fancy tourist attraction is much more convenient with our high-resolution imagery and carefully elaborated satellite data.


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