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Remote Sensing & GIS Solutions

We offer a number of solutions applicable in a wide range of areas, including agriculture, cartography, mining, environment, urban planning and monitoring, tourism, defense, security, and others. With our worldwide archive of satellite imagery, we deliver a unique database to our partners and accommodate even the most complex requests.

WebGIS programme

WebGIS is a powerful tool that leverages the capabilities of GIS over the internet, enabling users to access and manage spatial data through web browsers. This technology facilitates real-time collaboration and data sharing, allowing multiple users to work on and analyse geographic information simultaneously. These platforms support a wide range of industries, including urban planning, agriculture, environment, natural resource management, and emergency response, offering valuable insights for decision-making. With the accessibility and scalability of WebGIS, organisations can efficiently map, analyse, and communicate spatial information, making it an essential tool in the modern digital landscape.


Farmer App

Designed for mobile and web applications to enhance the precision of planting processes, Farmer App enables the consolidation and analysis of various data sources within a unified database for optimal implementation. The primary objective of this product is to perform monitoring utilising satellite images pertinent to the designated agricultural area. Consequently, it acquires information concerning the current state of the farm, encompassing metrics such as NDVI, NDWI, NDRE, temperature, and more. Additionally, the system keeps the farmer updated on plant vegetation stages and effectively communicates pertinent information to the farmer.


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