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Azerbaijan is one of the top five at IAC 2024 Milan

Azerbaijan is one of the top five at IAC 2024 Milan

Azerbaijan achieved a record result in the submission of scientific articles for the International Astronautics Congress to be held in the city of Milan, Italy.

Indeed, 345 scientific articles have been presented from our country to the Milan Congress. With this result, Azerbaijan is one of the top five countries in the world in terms of the number of scientific articles. The host country of the Congress, Italy, has 985 scientific articles, the United States has 782 scientific articles, China has 539 scientific articles, India has 476 articles, and last year's host, Azerbaijan, is in the top five with 345 scientific articles. Recall that last year, Azerbaijan also ranked among the top 5 countries with 214 scientific articles at the Baku Congress. This year, Azerbaijan's achievement of high indicators was largely influenced by the special role of the Congress held in Baku last year. One of the notable aspects is the increasing number of developing countries and new space actors joining the Milan Congress after last year's Baku Congress. Thanks to the high-level event standards set by the Baku Congress, interest in this year's first Astronautics Congress has increased worldwide, leading to the submission of over 7,000 scientific articles from a total of 106 countries.

90% of the scientific articles presented from Azerbaijan at the Milan Congress were prepared by young researchers. This is the result of Azerbaijan's young people and scientists' high intellectual potential, which is a driving force in the development of science, new technologies, innovation, and the space industry. Thanks to the rapid pace of development in science and education in our country, Azerbaijani youth are not lagging behind in scientific and technological progress; they are represented at the global level. The success index of Azercosmos's continuous educational activities for the development of the country's space ecosystem is evident in the fact that young people present scientific articles that can compete on a global scale in the field of space to the international audience.

Currently, the space sector is developing in scientific-based, innovative technological production worldwide. Azerbaijan increasing its scientific research potential in this field will have a positive impact on the development of our country's future technological profile.

It should be noted that the scientific articles presented at the Milan Congress under the theme of Responsible Space for Sustainability cover issues such as the use of space capabilities in the fields of economy, industry, agriculture, transportation, energy, finance, urban planning, communication, environmental monitoring, and security, as well as space solutions for the development of digital, green, and sustainable future.


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