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Azercosmos announces a new competition

Azercosmos announces a new competition

Azercosmos announces the next scientific competition on “Earth Observation".

The main ojective of the competition is to promote the use of satellite images, specifically the archive images of the Azersky satellitte, in Azerbaijan and accelerate the development of projects implemented with satellite images within the country.

In the framework of declaring this year as the " Green World Solidarity Year" in our country, the topic of the mentioned competition is dedicated to climate change and the application of space solutions in combating it. This, in turn, indicates that Azerbaijan, as the host state of the "COP29" event, focuses on promoting "Green World" values in our country. 

We note that individuals aged between 18 and 35, including students, teachers, scientific research institutions, independent researchers, government agencies, and representatives from the private sector, can participate in the competition.

The registration stage for the current competition will continue until May 31.

The first three winners of the competition will be rewarded as follows: first place will receive 5000 AZN, second place 3000 AZN, and third place 1500 AZN.

Participation in this competition is free of charge.

For detailed information about the conditions of the “Earth Observation” competition and registration, you can follow the provided link:


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