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Azercosmos is expanding its cooperation with Uzbekistan

Azercosmos is expanding its cooperation with Uzbekistan

Azercosmos has signed a cooperation agreement with Uzbekistan's Space Research and Technology Agency - Uzbekkosmos. The agreement signed within the framework of the meeting of the heads of space agencies of the Organization of Turkic States, held in Ankara, envisions the expansion of activities in the space sector between Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.

As part of bilateral cooperation, Azercosmos will implement a pilot project to preliminarily assess the degree of soil salinity in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In general, the majority (about 80-90%) of Uzbekistan's water resources, are used for agricultural needs. Satellite technologies are extensively used in this field for the assessment of drought-affected areas. Within the framework of the mentioned project, it will be possible to determine soil salinity levels based on Azercosmos' experience in satellite solutions and geographic information services. Additionally, there will be an exchange of experience between Azerbaijani and Uzbek specialists in this field.

Need to be noted that indices for drought-prone areas that combine climate, satellite, and environmental data have been developed worldwide. Data gathered from satellite imagery are used to assess several key variables related to drought, including land surface temperature, evaporation, soil moisture, and precipitation.


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