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The selection stage of the program “Space Mentorship for Women” has concluded

The selection stage of the program “Space Mentorship for Women” has concluded

The selection stage of the “Space Mentorship for Women” program, announced within the framework of the partnership between the Space Commerce Institute and Azercosmos, has been completed. The main goal of this mentoring program, held for the first time in our country, is to discover the full potential of women in the space field and support their participation in global collaboration.

We note that during the registration stage announced in January, more than 150 applications have been submitted for this mentoring program.

Five women who fully meet the criteria of the program have been selected for the “Space Mentorship for Women” program: 

1. Gandab Mammadova: high school graduate

2. Hajar Naghiyeva: student, ADA University

3. Aysel Ibrahimova: fresh graduate, young specialist

4. Turkan Askarova: fresh graduate, young specialist 

5. Khanim Azimova: student, National Aviation Academy 

Participants selected within the mentoring program framework are the mentees of the Kelli Kedis Ogborn Vice President of Space Commerce and Entrepreneurship at Space Foundation, Ramatha Sørensen Program Manager at OIP Space Instruments Alexandra Jercaianu Strategic Partnerships & Business Development Expert, SGAC DGE-PG Member, Natavan Hasanova Strategy and Business Development Director of the Space Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and Esmira Bayramova DevOps Manager at Capella Space. They will engage in face-to-face meetings with their mentors, where they will become acquainted with their advice and experiences. Additionally, the selected participants are also planned to participate in monthly seminars with other space industry experts

It should be noted that the “Space Mentorship for Women” program will last for three months (from March to May).


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