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As the Space Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, we are committed to providing customised solutions based on advanced technologies for peace and prosperity. We focus on providing connectivity globally, nurturing talent, serving as a regional space hub and contributing to the space industry development in Azerbaijan.



To better address the increasing global demand for satellite-driven services and solutions, Azercosmos was established in 2010 as the premier satellite operator in the region. Providing satellite-delivered telecommunication and Earth Observation services to our partners for more than a decade now, we are continuously working on developing new products, services, and solutions to keep up with the rapidly changing trends in the field.



Today, as the Space Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, we not only deliver a broad spectrum of services and solutions but also engage in a wide range of R&D activities that aim to foster technological advancement, cooperate with international stakeholders and partners, participate in major global projects, and build local know-how.



As the leading force behind the development of the innovative space ecosystem in Azerbaijan, we focus on advancing our operations, introducing new services and solutions, nurturing talent, and delivering a bespoke experience to our partners. Being committed to creating a better connected, developed, and secure world for future generations, we aim to emerge as one of the driving forces in the global space industry.


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